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The Physiology department is an intellectually vibrant place.

This Departmental page is designed to introduce visitors and students to our Department, its research, teaching, and administrative activities. It also serves as a major mechanism of communication between the Department and our students and administrative staff.

Physiology is the study of how the body works in health and disease at all levels including molecular, genomic, proteomic, ionic, cellular, organ and whole organism. The essence of research and teaching in Physiology requires an enquiring mind anchored on a global and integrative perspective to the understanding of how things work in a living organism.

Department was established in 2011 in New building in GMERS Medical College campus with annual intake capacity of 150 students. Department is located on First floor and has infrastructure adequate to cater the need of 150 admissions per year.

The Department of Physiology at GMERS Medical College, Gotri is committed to excellence in teaching, research and service. Members of the faculty are actively involved in educational programs in the college. Members of the Department of Physiology, conduct research in the areas of cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Neurophysiology, and endocrine physiology. Members of the faculty of the Department of Physiology are involved in collaborative research with clinicians from the Departments of Medicine, Surgery, and Pediatrics in the College.

We are committed to help equip and infuse in our students a life-long love for learning, the excitement of discovery and a keen sense of curiosity about the chemical, physical and biological functions of life.

I welcome you to the Department and do not hesitate to see me over any issues. We operate an open door policy. Also all academic staff members have office hours during which they are available for consultation and discussion outside the formal teaching sessions.

I wish you a rewarding and stimulating learning experience at the Department of Medical Physiology and The GMERS Medical College.

About Department

         1)   Haematology Lab

         2)   Amphibian Lab  

         3)  Clinical Lab

         4 )  Mammalian  Lab

         5)   Neurophysiology Lab

         6)   Cardio-respiratory Lab

         7)   Departmental Library/Seminar room 

         8)   Demonstration Rooms -2

Staff Details

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Publication (Last 3 years)


  1. Study of QTC interval in nondiabetic subjects with impaired fasting serum glucose and hyperinsulinemia. Komal Makwana, Mukesh Dinkar, Hemant Mehta. IJABMS july19: 21(B):1287
  2. Prevalence of different forms of neuropathies in type 2 diabetes patients attending a tertiary care hospital in central Gujarat: A hospital based cross-sectional study. Balaji Ghugare, Mukesh Dinkar Himanshu Chauhan. IJCAP 2018; 5(1):23-27
  3. Effect of age gender and body mass index on tibial and Peroneal motor nerve conduction study variables. Krushan Yajnik Balaji Ghugare Mukesh Dinkar. IJBAP 2017; 6(1):51-59.
  4. Opaque hemithorax: Clinical, histological and radiological assessment of 30 cases at a tertiary care hospital-a preliminary study. VN Vaidya, PA Vohra, BW Ghugare. West African Journal of Radiology 2017; 24(1):34.
  5. Nerve Conduction Studies In Lower Limb Weakness. S Jain, V Vaidya, M Dinkar, Balaji Ghugare, M Joshi. Natl J Integr Res Med. 2016; 7(4): 56-60.
  6. Influence of body mass index and head circumference on variables of auditory evoked potential. Balaji Ghugare, Sangeeta Jain, Mukesh Dinkar, Dinesh Parmar. The Egyptian journal of otolaryngology 2016; 32(1):53
  7. A study on relation of subclinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy with its outcome in Gujarat. Dr. Bharat Patel , Dr. Mukesh Dinkar , Dr. Sangeeta Jain  IJABMS,2018:1088-1091.

Academic activities- UG, PG, Timetable/Schedule, Morning posting


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Awards & Achievements – Department, Faculties

  (i)  Undergraduate research: Completed projects

  1. a)  Effect of age gender and body mass index on tibial and peroneal motor nerve conduction study variables: DR Krushan Yajnik    received STS ICMR studentship award, 2016-17. 

                  (ii)  Undergraduate research : Ongoing projects

  1. a)  Assessment of visual pathway using VEP in Vitiligo patients: Mr. Aman Narula 2nd year student.
  2. b)  Assessment of visual pathway using VEP in welding workers: Mr. Paras   Shah.

                    (iii)  Participation in National Physiology Quiz competition in 2016, 2017, and  2019

                    (iv)  Paper presentations at various National and international conferences.