Gujarat Medical Education & Research Society Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Gujarat



    • Goal 
      Main goal of ENT department is to treat the patients of common ENT problems, treat them surgically if required & restoring patients with hearing impairment with provisional of hearing aids.

    • Objective 
      1. Understand the basic pathophysiology & management of common ENT diseases and emergencies.
      2. Appropriate & judicial use of commonly used drugs in ENT, keeping in mind their adverse reactions.
      3. Perform common investigative procedures and their interpretation.

    • Skill
      1. Examination & Diagnosis of common ENT problems including malignant & premalignant lesions of head & Neck.
      2. Manage ENT problems at level & prompt referral to the tertiary center when required.
      3. Perform minor surgical procedure like ear syringing, ear dressing, nasal packing, removal of foreign bodies from nose & ear.
      4. Assisting in procedure like endoscopies, tracheostomy.

  • Departmental Facilities
    1. OPD services : The OPD runs daily from 9 am to 1 pm except Sundays & public holidays, Here in OPD all common ENT problems are promptly managed and minor procedures like ear syringing, Foreign body removal from ear & nose , Aural toilet
    2. Indoor patient care: All patient requiring surgical treatment admitted in wards & proper pre operative investigations & pre operative care provided by doctors & nursing staff
    3. Procedures
      • Tympanoplasty for CSOM
      • Septoplasty for DNS
      • Tonsillectomy for chronic tonsillitis
      • Reduction of nasal bone fractures
      • Biopsy of suspicious malignancies
      • Microscopic examination
      • Ear suturing for split ear
      • Thyroidectomises for diffuse thyroid swellings

About Department

1.About the Department


Units: 1

No. of Wards: 1

Beds: 30

OPD  hours: 9 to 1   &  3 to 5

Clinics:     1. Cancer clinic

      1. Rhinology clinic – Allergy
      2. Otology clinics — Tinnitus & Deafness, Vertigo
      3. Voice clinic

Staff Details

Sr. No.

Name  of  the Faculty


Mobile No.

Email id


Dr. Vishala   Pandya





Dr. Hiren   Soni

Asso. Prof.




Dr. Nimisha   Nimkar

Asst.  Prof.



  1. Original Article – Referred otalgia: Epidemiological profile; International journal of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery
  2.  Original Article – Role of stroboscopy in diagnosis of laryngeal disorder, International journal of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery
  3. Original Article – Sialendoscopy: Our experience
  4. Original Article -Study of radiological findings in high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) temporal bone in squamous chronic otitis media (COM): A hospital based cross sectional study.

Academic Activates

  1. UG: Theory lectures and clinical posting according to MCI

        PG:  Case presentation, Journal club, Clinical meetings,

    PG lecture, seminar

        Timetable:  UG according to college schedule

        Morning posting: UG according to college schedule

Awards and achievements

  1. Under Dr Vishala Pandya one project of undergraduate student is accepted in ICMR for research. 
  2. Dr Hiren Soni was invited as a guest speaker in Rajasthan state conference in 2018. He delivered talk on sialendoscopy.