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Department of Dentistry was established in year 2010 after the establishment of GMERS medical college. The dental wing was working since starting of General hospital.


Dept. of Dentistry is developed and flourished in various branches of dentistry. Specialized quality of treatment is offered to the patients seeking dental treatment for various dental diseases coming from vadodara district and various parts of state and country along with NRI patients. Dental dept is working hard to encourage medical tourism by providing services in prosthetic dentistry, implant surgical prosthodontics, orthodontic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, periodontics and maxillofacial trauma cases.


Dental department is organizing various dental health and evaluation program for common public and continuing dental education for dental professionals as well as staff.


Department has large, well ventilated OPD room, scrub room, separate chambers for clinical and nursing staff along with filtered drinking water neat and tidy toilets and wash room with sitting arrangement for patients.

About Department

Department of Dentistry serves patients to relieve their dental problems. There are five dental chairs with clinical units. There is one dental x-ray machine. Digital Dental OPG machine is likely to be installed soon. Dental treatments offered include, treatment of dental caries by various fillings like Composite resins, Glass Ionomer Restorations; also by direct and indirect pulp protection, and endodontic treatment like Root Canal Treatment. Treatment of gingival and periodontal diseases is done by scaling and periodontal surgeries. Extractions of teeth are done when it is not possible to save them by any other treatment. Maxillo-facial surgical treatments are available for traumatic, neoplastic and infective conditions like facial trauma due to road traffic accidents, cysts and tumors of oro-dento-facial region. There is provision of five beds for oro-dento-maxillo-facial surgical indoor patients in ENT/Dentistry ward. Counseling is done for people addicted to tobacco related habits and they are helped in giving up their habits. Dental check-up camps are arranged for school children as well as for general public.

Staff Details

Sr. No.

Name of Faculty


Mobile Number

E-mail ID


Dr. S. N. Goryawala


(+91) 98790 67565


Dr. Naiya Pathak

Assistant Professor

(+91) 97129 60329


Dr. Shivang Pathak


(+91) 97124 79834


Dr. Ritu Ojha


(+91) 95375 55056


Dr. Dhara Shukla


(+91) 99740 09256


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3) Naiya Pathak, Dhara Shukla, Kalpita Shringarpure, S. N. Goryawala, Aashish Sachdeva, Shivang Pathak, Ritu Ojha: Effect of total surgical time on patient’s complaint of mouth opening after transalveolar removal of impacted mandibular wisdom teeth – A randomized, controlled, clinical trial; J. Evolution Med. Dent. Sci.; 2018; Vol. 7, Issue 48; 5197-5202

Academic Activates

Under graduate medical students have their clinical posting in Dentistry for two weeks during fourth/fifth semester.  They have theory lectures in Dentistry during fourth/ fifth semester. They learn about tissues of tooth, supporting tissues of teeth, various dental, periodontal and oral diseases, oral manifestation of systemic diseases etc. They also learn about dental treatments and procedures.

Trainees of Certificate Course in Community Health are also posted in Dentistry for clinical posting as well as for theory lectures.