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  • To deliver the highest standards of the treatment to the patients of skin disorders along with providing quality in medical education and research.
  • To promote quality services to the patients.
  • To strengthen present infrastructure for better patient care.
  • To update curriculum and evaluation methods in the context of latest developments in the medical field for under graduates teaching.
  • To emphasize more on community services.
Facilities in the department
  • Out-patient services available everyday for Dermatology, HIV, STD & leprosy
  • In patient facilities with a separate ward for males and females
  • A dispensary for providing most of the essential oral and topical drugs
  • Special Clinics on Leprosy, Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Pemphigus, Aesthetic dermatology & Dermatosurgery
Diagnostic facilities:
  • Staining with gram stain, ZN stain and KOH stain:  For infectious skin conditions
  • Wood’s Lamp examination: For pigmentary disorders
  • Skin biopsy: For diagnosis of clinical skin disorders
Therapeutic facilities:
  • Radio-frequency cautery:  Warts, corns, callosities, skin tags etc.
  • Chemical cautery with phenol touch, TCA: Vitiligo, alopecia areata, xanthelesma etc.
  • Intralesional injections: Keloid, hypertrophic eczema, Acne etc.
  • Extraction: Molluscum, comedone, milia etc.
Aesthetic Procedures:
  • Chemical peeling:  Acne, hyperpigmentation, skin rejuvenation
  • Subcision:  Acne scars
  • Dermaroller:  Acne scars
  • CROSS:  Acne scars, post chicken-pox scars
Special Clinics
  • Tuesday:         Leprosy clinic (10 am to 12 am)
  • Wednesday:   Dermatological Surgery (3 pm to 5 pm)
  • Thursday:      Pemphigus (10 am to 12 am)
  • Friday:           Vitiligo/ Psoriasis (10 am to 12 am)
Equipment and Facilities Available
  • The department has a fully equipped seminar cum teaching hall with state of the art audio-visual facility. Departmental Library, with latest books on Skin, STD & Leprosy is available.
  • Electrocautrey
  • Radiofrequncy cautrey
  • Woods lamp
  • Microscope
Teaching staff
  • Dr. Sejal Thakkar, Associate Professor & Head
  • Dr. Roshni Vahora, Assistant Professor
Undergraduates teaching

  • To impart such knowledge and skills so that undergraduates are able to Diagnose and Treat common skin diseases, STDs and Leprosy
  • Identify markers of internal diseases and HIV/AIDS
  • Refer skin diseases or complications and unusual manifestations of common diseases to the specialist
  • At the end of the posting of Dermatology, STD and Leprosy, students should be able to
             - Diagnose common skin diseases, STD and leprosy
             - Manage common skin diseases, STD and leprosy
             - Knowledge of various modes of Topical Therapy
             - Knowledge of commonly prescribed drugs in Dermatology:  Mechanism of action/ Indications / Contraindication/ Doses/ Side effects / Interactions
             - Knowledge about minor procedures available for treatment of skin diseases like electrocautery, radiocautery, cryotherapy, peeling, microdermabrasion, iontophoresis etc.
             - Measures to prevent common skin diseases
  • Exposure to National Program like:
             - STD Control Program
             - National AIDS Control Program
             - National Leprosy Eradication Program
  • Students should be able to
             - Elicit relevant history and describe it in chronological order.
             - Conduct clinical examination and diagnose common skin diseases and emergencies.
             - Perform wood’s lamp examination for pigmentary disorders
             - Primary management of  skin emergencies and recognize the need for referral for specialized care
  • Teaching:
              Assisted by computer & LCD Projector
              - Theory teaching:  30 hours
              - Clinical teaching
              Six weeks posting divided in 2 terms (4 weeks + 2 weeks) as per MCI recommendation
  •  Examination:
             - Term ending examination at the end of each posting :
                1st term: Basics and clinical
                2nd term: Therapeutics and advanced
             - Theory exam
  • Text books available for reference/ issue:
  • Skin diseases & sexually transmitted infectious (Uday Khopkar)
  • Illustrated text book of dermatology (J S Pasricha)
  • Illustrated synopsis of dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases(Neena Khanna)
  • Dermatology and venereology (Ajay Chaudhari)
  • Lever's histopathology of the skin (Elder David)
  • Dermatology Vol.1 (Bolognia)
  • Dermatology Vol.2 (Bolognia)
  • Dermatology secrets in color (Fitzpatrick)
  • Manual of dermatologic therapeutics (Arndt Kennith)
  • IADVL text book of dermatology vol.1 (R G Valia)
  • IADVL text book of dermatology vol.2 (R G Valia)
  • Color Atlas and Synopsis of Pediatric Dermatology (Dhar S)
  • Dermatology (Elstn)
  • Comprehensive dermatologic drug therapy (Wolverton)
  • Cosmatic dermatology (Alam M)
  • LASERS in dermatology & medicine (Nouri K)
  • Textbook of Dermatosurgery & Cosmetology (Satish Savant)
  • Handbook of leprosy (Jopling)
  • Dermatology and Venereology (Chaudhary Ajay)
  • Andrew's diseases of the skin clinical dermatology(JamesWD)
  • Cancer of the skin with cd (Rigel)
  • Fitzpatrick's color atlas of synopsis of clinical dermatology (Wolff K)
  • Scoring system in dermatology (Krupanshankar DS)
Ongoing Research Projects:
  • Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in India
  • Adverse Drug Reactions in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in India: Analysis of Spontaneously Reported Cases
Research Publications:

Dr. Sejal Thakkar
  • Articles published in the journal
  1. Thakkar S, Patel SV. Clinical profile of leprosy patients: A prospective study. Indian J Dermatol 2014;59:158-62.
  2. Bharani S, Thakkar S. A case report of focal dermal hypoplasia-Goltz syndrome. Indian Dermatol Online J 2013;4:241-3.
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  5. Shobha Misra, P.V. Kotecha, Sejal Thakkar et al: Reproductive tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS prevention related training at a hospital and medical college, Gujarat: a feedback from participants. Indian J Sex Transm Dis & AIDS 2009; 30(2), 122-3.
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  • Articles accepted for the publication
  1. Vidyalaxmi Chauhan, Maitri Shah, Sejal Thakkar¸Sangita V. Patel, Yogesh Marfatia Sexually Transmitted Infections in Women: A study of comparison of clinical and laboratory parameters in cases of vaginal discharge syndrome at tertiary care settings in Indian Dermatology Online Journal on 22-01-14
  • Chapters contributed in a text-book
  1. Sejal Thakkar, Rajni Vyas. Approach to skin patients through hypnotherapy: A ray of hope for the real sufferer. pp. 174-183; In Hypnosis: Psycho-Philosophical Perspectives and Therapeutic Relevance. Edited by: Dr Renu Sharma & Dr B. M. Palan Published by: Concept Publishing Company (P) Ltd., N Delhi; 2011
  2. 20 nail dystrophy in Flow charts in Dermatology published by Jaypee brothers
Dr. Roshni Vahora

  1. Roshni  Vahora, Sejal Thakkar, Y.S. Marfatia. Skin, a mirror reflecting diabetes mellitus: A longitudinal study in a tertiary care hospital in Gujarat. Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism 2013; 17:659-64.
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  4. Roshni Vora, Y.S.Marfatia. Warty lesion over external genitalia. Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases 2007;28:116-7.

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