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 1. Hostel:There are two hostels, one for boys and one for girls with equal no. of seats. If you are planning to stay in hostel, fill in hostel admission form and hand it over for quick processing.  Mess facility is available in Sun Pharma PG Hostel nearby GMERS Medical College’s Hostel and College Canteen.  Addition to that MS University Hostel is also available with mess facility if number of students is more. No private electronic or electric equipment or furniture will be allowed in hostel.

 2. Report:You should report to the Medical College timely to complete the formalities like bond etc. The college is located in old T.B Hospital Campus in Gotri, Vadodara. If you are coming by private luxury bus, get down at Bus Stand. The rickshaw fare from Bus stand to GMERS Medical College is around Rs. 50/-. Note that you must have bond and solvency certificate duly signed and stamped by the prescribed authority ready at the time of reporting. The solvency certificate must be signed by a revenue authority with round seal of revenue authority. If a particular authority holds dual charge of executive and revenue authority (e.g. Sub executive magistrate and Deputy Collector), the certificate must bear the stamp and seal of revenue authority (i.e. deputy collector). If you do not have bond and solvency certificate ready or if the certificate does not bear the stamp and seal of the proper revenue authority, you will not be allowed to join the college and attend the classes.

 3. How to reach Vadodara:  Vadodara is well connected by rail and road to all the major cities and town of Gujarat. One can reach Vadodara by air also.

a). Rail :  The rail route is longer but all train from major city having stop at Vadodara and the distance is 110 kms from Ahmedabad,  325 kms from Rajkot and 170 kms from Surat.

  b). Road:From Ahmedabad, it is 110 kms via Express Highway. It is 210 kms from Bhavnagar via Vataman, Tarapur and 325 kms from Rajkot via Ahmedabad. Frequent S.T. and private luxury buses ply to and fro Vadodara at all time daily connecting it with all the major cities / towns like Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Surat and Rajkot etc.  From Ahmedabad, state transport buses are available from Gita

Mandir area and private luxury buses from Paldi Char Rasta. Private bus service operators from Ahmedabad are - Tanna Travels 079-26575872, 079-26576351, Rajdhani Travels 079-26589444, 079-26585444  and New-Limda Travels.

c). Air:One can reach Vadodara by air from Mumbai, New Delhi and from major cities.

 4). Fee and Deposits:

Fees for General quota student is 250000The process is on for the fixation of fee and deposits. College caution money, Library fee per term, Hostel - Fee and deposit for one term and student’ association fee per term will be collected at the time of reporting.  Mess charges and deposit will be extra. 

Enrolment fee is to be paid to M.S. University of Baroda along with the enrollment form.    You have to pay for journals and answer books of part ending examination, terminal examinations and preliminary internal assessment examination separately to  the respective departments.      

 5). Photographs:  Please bring 10 colored passport size photographs at the time of reporting.

1 for library membership , 3 for hostel form , 1 for bank account, 1 for student association, 1 for student record section, 1 for identity card and  2 extra photograph.

 6). Articles: 

Following items you have to procure from Vadodara or place where a medical college is located and brought at the time of reporting.

 2 white aprons with full sleeves & name plate with black background and white letters, dissection box for human body dissection, bone set, a set of disposable pricking lancets.

For the students who wants to get admission in hostel they should bring / purchase following things from Vadodara – 1 mattress, 1 blanket,  2 pillow cover, 2 bed sheets, 2 towels, 2 white  handkerchief, 2 small napkins, 2 pairs of shocks, 1 nail cutter, Shaving kit for boys, needle and white thread,  Black shoe polish & shoe brush , bathroom sleepers, sport shoes,  1 twenty liters bucket & a tumbler with student name on it with marker pen, washing soap / powder, bathing soap & Soap cash / shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste & tooth brush holder, tongue cleaner ,Oil and comb, suitable size mirror, 6 aluminum hangars, 12 feet plastic string, 5 liters plastic water jug, a packet of wax candles with match box or a small  torch, 1 stain less steel Tiffin carrier,( Though the electric  failure is not common in Vadodara it is better to keep  emergency light  and mobile phone with a instruction not to use in college premises).

 7). Initial difficulties in studies andbooks:

 As you already know that in 1st MBBS you have to read three subjects i.e. Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. These subjects’ senior professors and other staff members of college will help you in solving initial difficulties related to studies.

1). Dr. K.P.Swadia, Professor & Head, Anatomy

2). Dr. Ojaswini Malukar, Associate Professor, Anatomy,

3). Dr. Mukesh Dinkar, Prof. & Head, Physiology

4). Dr. Asha Pandya, Asso. Prof, Physiology

5). Dr. K. J. Mathai, Professor & Head, Biochemistry.

 The list ofBooks to beto be purchased is shown in the annexure. It is recommended that only those books which shown under the heading “prescribed books” should be procured. In addition, some of the books listed under “Additional reading” may be procured; it is not necessary to procure all the books under the heading “Additional books”. Do not procure any other book not shown in either of these lists as they are not recommended by the teachers of the respective departments, also purchase the latest available edition only.                        

 There are good library facilities. The Library is located in a separate building in college campus. There are more than 3000 books with internet facility. There are two students reading rooms. You can contact Dr. Asha Pandya, Professor in charge library, Jalpa Thakkar or Ajit Prajapati, Assistant Librarians for any help  related  to Library .

 8). Bank Account: 

Almost all major banks have their branches in Vadodara. However, State Bank of  India, Natubhai circle  branch (near college) is located nearby college.

Due to stringent R.B.I. regulations, it is advisable to bring the identification letter/ certificate from your present bankers along with 2 recent passport size photographs which will facilitate in opening the bank account.

 9). Medical Services:

GMERS Medical College and General Hospital, attached to Medical College, Gotri, Vadodara is a 530 bedded hospital at present where all major specialist services are available. It is to be developed into 700 bedded Hospital. There are number of private practitioners practicing all specialties in Vadodara.

 10) Documents:

  Bring adequate certified copies of the following documents / certificate as they will be required for submission to the University and other authorities.

  a). H.S.C. mark sheet              b). School Leaving certificate.

  c). Attempt certificate for H.S.C. [XII std] Examination

  d). Caste certificate (if applicable)   

The original certificate of (b) and (d) will be retained by the college (if not collected at the time of admission)

11).Anti- ragging committee will remain functioning through out the year under the Chairmanship of Dean, GMERS Medical College, Gotri, Vadodara . Members of committee are

1). Dr. I. M. Parmar, Chairperson & Dean Medical College, Bhavnagar,

      Phone no. 09825033148

2). Dr. Hitesh Rathod, Member Secretary of Anti ragging Committee, Head, Forensic Medicine

3). Representative of Fresher students Parent 

4). Press Reporter (Local newspaper)

5). Mayor, Vadodara

6). Hostel Superintendent, Boys & Girls Hostel, GMERS Medical College, Gotri, Vadodara

7). Mamlatdar, Gotri, Vadodara

8). Representative of Fresher students- Boys

9). Representative of Fresher students- Girls

10) Deputy Superintendent of police

11) Chief of Security Officers         

All the teaching staff of college will help in curbing the ragging in Medical College campus. You can take help of any teacher of college.

 12) Academic Terms and Examinations:

  The academic term of M. S. University of Baroda to which this medical college is affiliated are as under:

Term Period Vacation Examination
First term August  to January Declared later or may be cancelled 1st terminal in January
Second term February to July Declared later or may be cancelled Preliminary Examination in July University Examination in August

Dates will be decided by the University Examination Section.                       

M.S.University, following the revised M.C.I. regulations regarding curriculum, examination etc. The 1st MBBS course will comprise of two academic terms (as mentioned above). University examination and result period is included in these two academic terms. University examination will be conducted in  2nd term (i.e. in August). To appear in University

 12). Teaching Schedule:

  The regular teaching schedule will commence from August.

 13). Queries :

If you have any query in this regard or regarding the academic progress of your child at any time in future, you can contact

Dr. Mukesh Dinkar,Prof.& Head, Department of Physiology,  Dr. Ojaswini Malukar, Associate Professor in Anatomy or  Dr. K.J.Mathai, Asso. Prof & Head in Biochemistry. For any query regarding hostel matters contact Dr. Hitesh Rathod, Warden & Asst. Professor in Forensic Medicine and Dr. Savitri Chauhan,  Warden & Asso. Prof. in Anatomy. You can also meet Dean of the college with prior appointment. The Telephone no. of college is 0265-2398008.     

Wish you a very happy and successful stay at Vadodara, during your study at GMERS Medical College, Gotri, Vadodara.

Once again congratulations to you all and your parents too, on your admission to GMERS Medical College, Gotri, Vadodara.

Thanking you all

Annexure – List of Books

I. Anatomy:

a) Prescribed books:

1). General Anatomy By Dr. G P Pal Or Dr. Vishram Singh

Human Anatomy Vol I, II , III by Dr A K Datta Or Dr. B.D. Chuarasia

2). Cunningham”s Manual of Practical Anatomy [ELSB] Vol. I, II, III, Edited by G.J. Romanes (Compalsory)

3). Text Books of Histology by Dr. G P Pal. Or Gunasegran

4). Embryology by Dr. G P Pal. Or Dr. I B Singh

5). Atlas of Human Histology by Di Fiore. (Compalsory)

6) Human Neuroanatomy by Vishram Singh. Or Dr Bhagat and Poddar

7) Human Genetics by Dr. G P Pal

8) Clinical Anatomy by Dr. Neeta Kulkarni Or Dr. Vishram Singh

b).Additional Reading:

1). Student’s Gray’s Anatomy [ELBS edition]

2). Neuroanatomy by Richard Snell.

3). Grant’s Atlas of Human Anatomy.

4) Human Embryology By Dr A K Datta

5) Human Osteology by Dr G P Pal

II Physiology:

a) Prescribed books:

1). Text book of Medical Physiology by Guyton.

2). Textbook of Medical Physiology by G.K. Pal

3). Practical Physiology by Dr. A.K. Jain.   

4). Hutchison’s Clinical Methods

b).Additional Reading:

1). Practical Physiology  by C L Ghai

2)Review of Medical Physiology by Ganong

3). Applied Physiology by Samson Wright

4). Vander’s Human Physiology by Widmaier

5).  Text book of Medical Physiology by Dr. A.K. Jain.

6). Practical Physiology by G.K. Pal


a) Prescribed books:

1). Text book of Biochemistry for students by D.M. Vasudevan.

2). Biochemistry by Pankaja Naik

b).Additional Reading:

1). Harper’s Review of Biochemistry by Haper.

2). Human Biochemistry by Orten

3). Lippincott’s Biochemistry.

IV. Preventive & Social Medicine:

a) Prescribed books:

1).Text book of Preventive & Social Medicine by K. Park.

2). Methods of Biostatistics for Medical students and Research Workers.

b).Additional Reading:

1). Medical Statistics by A. Bradford. Hill.

2). Sociology in Medicine by Rao.

V. General :

1). Steadman’s Medical Dictionary.

2). Gala’s Gujarati- English Dictionary.

3). Any good English – English Dictionary.

Blood grouping, dental checkup,  health check up, any individual  problem to Dr. Himanshu Rana

Library form, bank account form , hostel admission form,  order form for books, enrollment form of University. 

Departments Professors name & phone no’s.

Recommended books

Anti ragging committee

Hostel rooms

Hostel requirement Bucket & tumbler,  black shoes, black shoe police & brush,  sleeper, shaving kit, nail cutter, mirror, comb,  six aluminum hangars, two bed sheets, two pillow covers, mattress, two apron(white coat), Mobile phone (not for use in college premises),

Instructions to Parents:

Not to encourage the students to come to home too frequently.

After the first terminal examination please meet the concerned teachers

Holidays holidays, 7 days – twice in a year-  Deepawali & summer holidays 15 days approx.

Contributory Dinner / freshers evening : with Dean, Senior faculties  and teachers of 1st MBBS newely admitted students and their parents, in college premises on the day of reporting  (Rs. ..…. Per head) if enough number will not there it may be cancelled.

Inlands letters:Submit three self addressed inland letters.


Imoprtant Phone numbers. Dean, All the three teaching heads, warden, Additional Director, Health Commissioner, Gotri Police station

Photographs: Ten Pass port size photographs.

Fix the Agencies: A). Medical book seller Shri …………. for book set, B). Tailor : Shri………………  two white  apron, two pair  white pant &  shirt,  navy blue blazer,  C).Ms……………… Dissecting instruments.

Agencies are fixed for uniformity and convenience of students and their parents. It is not compulsory to go through the agency.

For 1st  MBBS

Self Confidence

Study skill & preparation of examination.

Management of time


Self management -  health, drug dependence, friendship, balanced diet, hobbies

Home Sickness Dr. Asha Pandya & Dr. I. M. Parmar (Dean)

Use of computer in Medicine.

Computer and Medicine

Hippocratic oath  Maharshi Charak Shapath  Dr. S.B.Saxena.

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