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Physiology Department
S. No. Name Of Authors Title of paper Journal Name Volume  Year of Publication Page Number
1 Dr Mukesh   
Psychological problems faced by seropositive women- review article SEAJCRR 1(3) 2012  
2 Dr Mukesh   
Personality profile of seropositive & seronegative women using Rorschach test NJIRM 3(5) 2012  
3 Dr Mukesh   
Prevalence of cardiac autonomic neuropathy in patients with diabetes mellitus NJIRM 3(3) 2012  
4 Dr Mukesh   
Abdominal obesity and pulmonary functions in adults IJBAPS   2012  
5 Dr Asha Pandya 1. Effect of Alternative Therapy On Cardio respiratory And Sensory Parameters Of Chronic Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients NJIRM 3(3) 2012  
6 Dr Asha Pandya 2. Efficacy of yoga and diet in management of type 2 DM based on investigations of certain biochemical parameters Transworld medical journal  2(2) 2014  
7 Dr. Sangeeta Jain Changes in the respiratory functions and lipid profile due to yoga and relaxation technique Int J pharmacol Biosciences 5(2) 2011  
8 Dr. Sangeeta Jain Effect of yoga and relaxation technique on cardiovascular system IJPP 54(2) 2010  
9 Dr Swapnil Paralikar High altitude pulmonary oedema-clinical features, pathophysiology, prevention and treatment. Review article  IJEOM 16(2) 2012  
10 Dr Swapnil Paralikar Assessment of pulmonary functions in obese adolescent boys Lung India 29(3) 2012  
11 Dr Swapnil Paralikar High-altitude medicine Indian J Occup Environ Med 14(1) 2010  
12 Dr Swapnil Paralikar Aquaporins at a Glance Everyman’s Science  XLIV NO. 5 2010  
13 Dr Swapnil Paralikar 5. Impact of various grades of BMI on left ventricular structure      
and functions
IJPP   2010  
14 Dr Swapnil Paralikar 6. Abdominal obesity and pulmonary functions in adults IJBAPS   2012  
15 Dr Balaji Ghugare  Impact of age height weight and body mass index on sural sensory and soleus H reflex study measures in healthy central Indian population.  The Health agenda  1(1) 2013  
16 Dr Balaji Ghugare 2. Prevalence of cardiac autonomic neuropathy among diabetes mellitus patients NJIRM 3(3) 2012  
17 Dr Balaji Ghugare Prevalence of diabetic retinopathy inwestern Indian type 2 DM: A hospital based cross sectional study  JCDR 7(7) 2013  
18 Dr Balaji Ghugare 4. Clinicaland electrophysiological evaluation od carpel tunnel syndrome in DM to assess association of age gender and duration of diabetes on median neuropathy at wrist The Health agenda  1(3) 2013  
19 Dr Balaji Ghugare Assessment of nerve conduction study to establish most common electrophysiological predictors of lumbosacral radiculopathy among radiologically diagnosed L5S1 neural foramina compression cases IJPP 57(2) 2013  
20 Dr Balaji Ghugare 6. Evaluation and comparison of forhead angulations using cephalometrics between male and female human subjects NJIRM   2013  
21 Dr Balaji Ghugare A comparative study of anthropometric parameters and lipid profile in type 2 DM Int j of applied and Med sciences    2014  
22 Dr Balaji Ghugare Impact of duration of diabetes and age on lipid profileglycemic control in type 2 DM Int j res Med 2(1) 2013  
23 Dr Dinesh Parmar A correlation between dyslipidaemia and glycaemic control in type 2 diabetes patients  NJIRM 3(1) 2012  
24 Dr Dinesh Parmar Variable response of 1st MBBS students to exam stress NJIRM 1(3) 2010  
25 Dr Dinesh Parmar Impact of duration of diabetes and age on lipid profileglycemic control in type 2 DM Int j res Med 2(1) 2013  
26 Dr Dinesh Parmar A comparative study of pulmonary functions in different age groups NJIRM 2(1) 2013  
27 Dr Dinesh Parmar Cardiovascular risk status according to lipid levels in type 2 DM  IJBAPS 2(1) 2013  
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